Which thobe to choose as a Muslim?

In Islam, praising Allah means practicing certain customs prescribed by the Prophet, both in deeds and in dress. The thobe is part of the ideal outfit for a Muslim man. But what color is ideal? In this article, we'll start from Muslim tradition to explain the role of the thobe in Islam and the ideal color to choose.

Importance of the thobe in Islam

The thobe is the most widely used Islamic garment. For more information, click here.

 The thawb is a dress-like garment. It enables men to be comfortable when praying. Long used in Arab culture, it remains the ideal garment for worshipping Allah. It has been part of the tradition since the time of the Messenger of Allah, as it takes into account all the sartorial recommendations for prayer. Indeed, the thobe covers all the parts of the body that are part of your modesty: from the shoulders to the knees.

The thobe is a comfortable, multifunctional garment. It can be worn for any event.  Whether for prayers, weddings, parties or any other occasion, the thawb remains the ideal outfit for a Muslim. These thobes come in different colors. You can choose according to your taste. Among all these outfits, the white thobe has made its mark on history and continues to attract a maximum number of men. It's also worth noting that, although the white thobe is the most worn in Arab circles, it's also a special garment in Islamic spiritual life.

The white thobe, a sign of purity

In Islam, as in any other religion, the color white is a sign of purity. In spirituality, white is equated with a pure heart or immaculate soul. In fact, white garments must be cared for so that they don't get dirty or stained. The white thobe is therefore, for every Muslim, a garment of spiritual cleanliness. This cleanliness represents a pure heart that enables him to have a direct relationship with his Creator.

It should also be noted that the white thobe is beautiful and radiant, and naturally attractive. Generally speaking, children wear white garments less so as not to stain them.  White thobe is a symbol of maturity and awareness. It's proof that you know the difference between right and wrong.

The white thobe and Muslim tradition

The white thobe is not a recent invention. It has a long history in Arab tradition. Initially, the thobe was a specific garment worn by men in Arab countries to preserve their modesty. Over time, it has become the style of dress for all Arabs and Muslims. It's a way of getting used to and appropriating the past, so as to be in close contact with Allah, the God of our ancestors. It also enables us to know our tradition well and to practice it.

It's also worth remembering that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, liked white thobes for prayers and wherever he went. For him, white garments were among the most beautiful. As the Messenger of Allah, he is the model for reaching the Creator. With this in mind, the white thobe has remained, and remains, the most appropriate garment for a Muslim who wishes to draw closer to his God through behavior and good customs.