What you need to know to implement telework in your company

The advent of new technologies has a considerable impact on the organization of work. We note for example the appearance of a new form of work called telecommuting. This one presents several advantages for the functioning and development of your company especially in front of the health situation that we currently live. To install it in your company, you need to have a minimum of information about it. In this article you will discover some information about telework that will allow you to install it easily in your company.

Telecommuting: definition

Telework is defined as a form of work, in which work that could also have been performed in a company's premises is performed outside the company's premises through the use of information and communication technologies.

Telework applies to all professional categories. But it is not a right for the employee.

The employer's obligations towards teleworkers

The teleworker has the same rights as all other employees of the company.

The employer is obliged to inform the employees of the restrictions in the use of the equipment and computer tools provided to them, as well as the possible sanctions they are exposed to, to set up time intervals with the employees during which they can be contacted, to organize an annual discussion with each one of them, in particular on the working conditions of the employee and his workload

As soon as a non-teleworking position that matches the teleworker's qualifications and skills becomes available, the employer must inform and give priority to the teleworkers.

How to implement telework?

Thanks to the law on the reinforcement of the social dialogue, it is no longer necessary to modify the employment contract to allow an employee to telework. To set up telework in your company, you just have to make a simple agreement with the employee, or to make a collective agreement, or to elaborate a charter after the opinion of the social and economic committee.