What is an agile way of  working ?

The traditional way of working is flexible. It is more so than the agile working method invented in the United States in 2001. When we talk about the clay working method, what is it really, and what are the advantages of using, it?

Zoom on the clay working method

The clay working method is an ideology and an approach that aims to continuously disseminate functional software. The goal of this clay strategy is to share software or parts of software to get feedback, hop over to these guys, for more understanding. It is a strategy aimed at improving cohesion between several work teams. To make adaptation and coordination more efficient and speedy, this working method called clay must be used. This work strategy does not necessarily rhyme with documents, it is something simple. This working method is able to effect radical changes at all levels without compromising anything. Generally, the clay method is essentially based on two principles, which are: short-term goals and the fact that clients are actively involved in the project. The clay work method is this approach which contributes to the development of teamwork and their cohesions.

How does the agile method work?

The clay method is the design of thinking or short term goals. This method works in a particular way, because when the first fixes have been successful, instead of continuing, a pose must be marked first. Pausing does not mean abandoning the project, on the contrary, you must continue it until the end. This working method requires that a pose be marked after the success of each stage of the project. The one who designs this software development project is the only one to set the terms of its execution before submitting its features to customers. If you want to understand more about this working method, take a look at the website linked in this article.