What are the steps to take when selling a used item ?

Selling is an art that combines code compliance and creativity. That is why, for a successful sale, it is necessary to use situational business intelligence. So what are the steps to a successful sale? In order to make the difference with your competitors and to be among the best sellers, read the content of this post with all your attention.

Preparation and contact

Preparing a sales plan is one of the best ways to find convincing arguments. Go to https://www.erowz.fi to easily find customers. Once in contact with the client, present your sales pitch and the issues at stake while demonstrating your product expertise. In addition, by giving personalized advice, you will help them in their purchasing decision. Furthermore, give a good impression by taking care of your verbal communication, your general appearance, your body language, your attitude and your gestures.

Analysis of the customer's needs

The need is the factor that causes the request. Therefore, you should get to know the customer's needs by asking open-ended questions in order to obtain relevant and usable information. By discovering his buying motivations, you will set up an adapted argumentation and arouse his desire to buy. As for the arguments to be put forward, avoid monologue at all costs and involve the customer in order to engage him at each stage of the sale. Be an active listener and rephrase the objections presented by the customer in order to prove that you understand his concern. Then respond appropriately, as objections are signs of interest on the part of the customer.

Start the negotiations

To succeed in this stage of the sale, it is essential that you know how to present the price of the property to the client and defend it. Master the elements that govern the setting of such a sum and bring your negotiation techniques into play. Avoid being imposing and once both parties are satisfied with the agreed price, conclude the sale. In addition, to push the client to sign the deed of sale quickly, you can state that the offer is only valid for a given period.