Pool maintenance: What type of filtration system to choose ?

In order to keep your pool useful and enjoyable, you need to take good care of it. So, there are several options available to you when you decide to filter your pool water. In the following you will find the different pool filtration systems and the use of a cartridge filter.

Types of pool filtration systems

There are several types of filters adapted to the needs of users. For more information on this, see post here. Firstly, the diatomaceous earth filter is based on diatoms that abound the filtration device to provide a better result. It is actually one of the most efficient pool filtration systems and reduces the frequency of using treatment products.
Secondly, there is the sand filtration system which is also the most widely used. Here, the pool water passes through a layer of sand that traps impurities to restore the clarity of the pool. But the filtration capacity of a sand filter is low and can be increased with filter media.
Therefore, the recycled glass filter is a very useful complementary system. This type of filter is made of recycled glass which provides a great fineness to the filtration. It is also adopted for its ability to get rid of impurities (biofilm) faster even before washing.

Why use a cartridge filter ?

A cartridge filter system has a considerable filtration fineness that is compatible with small pools. This type of filter is composed of cartridges made of vegetable or synthetic materials.
Thus, it effectively eliminates impurities if it is placed in two different ways. The cartridge filter can be placed between the skimmer and the pump or after the pump. Furthermore, the maintenance and installation of a cartridge filter system is simple. Above all, the cartridge filter does not need too much space to operate.
However, there are also the zeolite filter, the filter bag and the ultraviolet treatment system.