Online journalism: why you should choose it

The advances of digital technology have favorably affected journalism, which is making great strides thanks to the Internet. This article, presents you why to opt for online journalism. On the one hand you will have the advantages of media men since the advent of the online press and on the other hand the disadvantages of practitioners

Is journalism easier with the web?

Journalism has had a huge breakthrough with the advent of the Internet. This has given rise to another type of press: online press. Thus information is disseminated in record time unlike the print media. Information can be an advantage of our time because "who has the information has the power". In a fast moving society, not being up to date means not being in the loop.

It allows to increase the audience and the visibility of the organ. This is the case of social networks which become the first sources of information even if their credibility is sometimes doubtful.

Thanks to the Internet, the listener or the reader feels closer to his server through comments. This allows journalists to evaluate the communication process, improving or not its product.

Contrary to the hot media, the online press allows the permanence of the information. Google, for example, offers the possibility to have information dating back centuries.

Online journalism has revolutionized the profession. No more complaining about signal or coverage area to access news. With your smartphone or computer coupled with Internet access, you have the information no matter where you are, and in a way that is commonplace.

On the other hand, despite the prowess of the journalistic field since the advent of the Internet, it has some drawbacks.

Online journalism hinders the good market of the written press.

Business figures are increasingly declining.

The credibility of the information is more and more criticized.

On the health level, the journalist is cornered. Visual disorders due to the fact of hours spent in front of the screens.

The advent of the Internet in the journalistic field should serve as an additional pan for any type of journalism. It is urgent to find the right balance.