International marketing : how to increase your visibility in other markets ?

Deploying your business to new international markets requires many adaptations for a small business, both from an organizational and logistical point of view. But the question of marketing is just as important in this reflection because a coherent strategy will certainly guarantee the success of the company in these new markets. What are the preferred digital strategies for international marketing ? Are there any topics to pay particular attention to to ensure its visibility ? We bring you some answers in this article.

Start with URL

Generally, the first thought we have when deciding to embark on international web marketing is that of dedicated content. But, 
you could try here to find out more. Very quickly the question of the URL arises : because it is the first step to consider in order to embark on a truly international SEO. The URL has a very important impact on the way search engine robots will identify you and they can therefore be decisive for your visibility on the internet. And to adapt its URL to broader markets, there are several possibilities. You can use a ccTLD. A ccTLD is defined as a national top-level domain and is the appropriate suffix that is added to the end of a URL such as .ca or .org.

Establish an international content strategy

Once you have decided on your URL strategy, you will obviously have to offer suitable content and this requires asking certain questions : which languages ​​for my content ? What topics to discuss ? What are the differences with my current content ? Etc. But to answer these questions objectively, there is only one real solution : conduct an international market study to better understand your targets. An international marketing strategy inevitably begins with upstream research on the needs and issues of its potential customers. 

This market study will obviously have to take into account your objectives and the challenges of your business so as not to lose yourself unnecessarily in an inefficient documentary search. It is important at this stage to analyze the practical characteristics of each targeted country by possibly creating new personas in order to adapt its strategy to the needs of its international customers.