How to find financing to start a business?

You have ideas to start a project, to create a company. You have already done a market study, but you still lack the financing to start, to create your company. In this article, you will discover 4 types of actors who can finance your business creation

To obtain financing for your business creation project, you can turn to 4 types of actors: equity investors, banks and credit institutions, crowdfunding platforms and public organizations.

Equity investors

These are people who have the possibility to bring a financing to your company against a share of stock in order to realize a strong return on investment in years. To get this type of financing, you must have as a project the creation of a company and not a self-business or a personal enterprise.

Banks and credit institutions

You also have the possibility of calling upon banks and credit institutions. They will be able to finance part of the company's assets. To have access to this type of financing you must present your project and demonstrate that it is credible, then you must have assets to finance and finally you must provide equity financing.

Crowdfunding platforms

These are platforms that allow you to collect donations, loans, investments from several people for your project.

Public organizations

These are the last types of actors who can finance your projects. They bring you public funding. As examples you have the aid granted by the employment center, the financing proposed by BPI France and other subsidies proposed by the state and the European Commission.

You now have at your disposal 4 actors who can finance your business creation project. It is up to you to study the various actors and to choose the one that corresponds to you and to submit your project. Good luck!