How to behave well?

After this reading you will no more lake mistake in the building up of your relationships with people. First impression is very important in the process of building solid relationship with people when you first meet them. Here we tell you how to behave well during a first meeting like a date. 

How to behave well for a first meeting?

When meeting someone for the first time, there are some things you can do to make good impression and stay in their memory. You will find out here ten behaviors you must have make a successful first meeting.

1.            Don’t be a tomb. You must actively participate in the conversation. Ask questions, show interest or share stories. Don’t sit there keeping quiet as if you were a tomb. The meeting will be boring and usually, people don’t like bored people.

2.            Use confident body language. Stand up straight, maintain eye contact both while listening and talking.

3.            Create emotions: make them feel something; make them laugh; be helpful.

4.            Smile: 

5.            Be a good listener

6.            Use their name in the conversation: It tells them you were paying attention and that you care.

7.            Appreciate the positive in things: Put more energy into seeing the positive side of things rather than the negative.

8.            Be yourself: Be honest, controversial. Don’t be something you are not just to please them. Be real. 

9.            Be a little bit unusual

10.          Be interested in their story

How to behave well for a date?

Follow these simple advices and your first date will be a success.

1.            Be on .

2.            Dress well. Don’t wear clothes you can’t walk, breath, talk or eat in. 

3.            Don’t drink too much.

4.            Put your phone away.

5.            Ask questions.

6.            Speak up.

7.            Offer to pay.