Everything you need to know about the Facebook and Messenger chatbot

Technology never stops impacting the world. This is easily seen in the design of online business tools like chatbot. Highly beneficial, these chabots are equally useful for social networking platforms and websites. Here's what you need to know about the chatbot.

What is the chatbot

A chatbot Messenger is a robot that is designed and is responsible for performing several tasks. It is responsible for ensuring the permanent presence of a company online. For more information, read more here. The chatbot is programmed and is capable of answering the customer's questions even during the company's break hours.

How the Messenger chatbot works

Before a chatbot is at your service, you must first configure it. If you have the skills to do this, then, you've won. But, you can also entrust it to a professional. But, how does this little robot work? Hold on to your hat. The chatbot is programmed to answer the most common questions. For this, it is up to you to predefine the questions followed by their answers. When the questions are pre-recorded, the chatbot filters them and gives the answer that corresponds to the question it is asked usually in time.

The reasons to have a Messenger chatbot

You know it well. Social networks are one of the best fantastic channels. Noted that today, Facebook already has more than 2.7 billion subscribers, a figure that comes to beat the record of all social networks. With thousands of people browsing Facebook, many companies use it to promote their goods and services. Although Facebook already offers instant messaging to its subscribers, it is not up to the standard of a chatbot. The proof is that the proposed instant messaging needs to be managed by someone to be more active. With a Messenger chatbot, all companies can reduce the human resource in charge of communication in their company. In fact, these chatbots do not rest if they are not disabled.