ChatGPT: What you need to know about this revolutionary tool in the digital world

ChatGPT: What you need to know about this revolutionary tool in the digital world
Table of contents
  1. ChatGPT: What is it in concrete terms ?
  2. What can we know about how this chatbot works ?
  3. What do I gain from using Chatbot GPT ?
  4. Can we trust GPT chatbot ?

Artificial Intelligence has seen a dramatic advance in recent years with the creation of the GPT chatbot. This tool developed by OpenAI has been driving the internet and social networks crazy since its release. But its extraordinary performance raises several questions. What are the strengths and limitations of GPT chat? Can we really trust it?

ChatGPT: What is it in concrete terms ?

ChatGPT is a chatbot, an artificial intelligence tool set up to respond primarily to user requests in a natural way, just like a human being. Continue this content to find out details about this tool that has brought the digital world to its knees. Indeed, Chatbot GPT not only provides instant answers, but is also able to understand and find a relevant answer to the most complex questions.

In this sense, this tool is an efficient source of research. It is the tool par excellence for quick and efficient documentation. Moreover, the chatbot is also a messaging tool. Since its creation, it has been used as a support tool in several companies to replace customer service. It is also a real centre of creativity and relaxation.

What can we know about how this chatbot works ?

There is nothing extraordinary about the way ChatGPT works. However, it relies on a very sophisticated linguistic model that allows it to generate the answers it provides. Indeed, this bot uses GPT3, a linguistic model with several billion words and linked to a variety of information sources. As a result, when the user submits his or her concern, the engine first reads it. 

Then the question is processed using a natural language technique already built into the artificial intelligence engine. This allows it to draw on the sources at its disposal for relevant information or possible answers to the user's query. The use of this tool has its advantages and limitations.

What do I gain from using Chatbot GPT ?

In terms of advantages, Chatbot GPT has a head start on all the chatbots that the world of artificial intelligence has known. First of all, this tool is able to produce highly relevant content at the speed of light. Indeed, because of the words at its disposal and the information sources it is linked to, Chatbot GPT has a fairly high level of language and has no difficulty in generating high quality content.

Secondly, the time it takes to respond regardless of the complexity of the queries is simply mind-blowing. In a few milliseconds, it can answer you. It is probably this ultra-fastness that has earned it its status as a customer service assistant in companies. Finally, no question escapes Chatbot GPT. In fact, many people prefer it to other search engines, such as Google. Another advantage, and not the least, is that this chatbot can be used in several languages such as English, German, French, Spanish and many others. So it is efficient, fast and has an answer for everything.

Can we trust GPT chatbot ?

Despite the strength of Chatbot GPT, it has, like all chatbots before it, some very big weaknesses. First of all, its content is severely lacking in accuracy. This is because the engine navigates between a variety of sources for the collection of information that it synthesises poorly. As a result, the more limited its knowledge, the more imprecise the content it provides, which only partially or not at all answers the users' question.

Secondly, he has a major flaw in the jokes and metaphors that he does not understand at all. Explicitly, the model on which it is built does not allow it to understand complex forms of language like irony or metaphor. Thirdly, due to its automatic nature, the tool is unable to provide content with emotional sensitivity, which makes its content purely artificial to read. Furthermore, it is a very dangerous tool as malicious minds can use it for insecurity purposes.

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