All about dog food

The dogs we keep always need to be fed properly and well. But in general, what to know about their food? We'll have time to find out here now.

When should you feed your dog?

While a puppy needs three meals a day, an adult dog should eat only two, or even one meal a day. You can visit homepage for more informations. Two meals a day is not essential, but it is helpful to divide the daily ration into two portions to facilitate digestion. Sharing food is also helpful in obedience training, especially with regard to rewards. More voracious dogs can be fed three servings a day.

How should I feed my dog?

Feeding is a fun and educational experience for your dog. Your pet should see it as a time to share, not a time for you to take something from him. You can ask your pet to wait patiently while you prepare the food and to sit in front of the bowl until you put it down. Be sure to put the food in a clean bowl and in the right amount. If the food is not eaten immediately, put the bowl away to prevent air oxidation of the food and the growth of bacteria.

Where to feed your dog?

Dogs like to eat in peace and quiet because they like quiet places, away from noise and commotion. Some courageous animals don't mind, but shy and fearful animals may refuse to eat in noisy and dangerous environments. Respect your pet's needs.

What to feed him?

- Comfort food is an ideal way to provide a balanced diet that meets your pet's needs - as long as you're feeding quality food. Choose foods that are appropriate for your dog's profile and health, and if they work for him, stick with them. Dogs like consistency, so there's no need to change their diet.

- Cooking at home is good for your dog's health, as long as you prepare a perfectly balanced daily meal that covers all his nutritional needs. A growing puppy needs 50% meat, 25% rice, 10% vegetables and 10% essential nutrients.